Donna Sahura, founder of Three Little Birds Peonies,

Donna Stahura, founder of Three Little Birds Peonies

Three Little Birds Peonies is a family owned and operated peony farm located in Anchor Point, Alaska.

Donna Stahura, founder of Three Little Birds Peonies, moved to Alaska from the Big Island of Hawaii in 1998.  She was a professional picture framer by trade and initially opened a frame shop.

A time later, Donna met a lady who grew peonies who told her all about the business and how soon Alaska peonies were going to take off. This peaked her interest, so she started to attend some grower’s meetings to learn more. Already owning property, she thought, “wow, let’s grow peonies!”

After going over the idea with her husband, and getting him on board with the idea, Three Little Birds Peonies was born.  For two years’ they worked the land, bringing the dirt up to the proper pH, tilling lime, and planting cover crops. They did a total of three cover crops before planting for the first year in 2014.

The farm gets their water from a pond that was dug in their field, using drip irrigation to water the plants. Three Little Birds Peonies prides themselves on being an organic farm, using only organic fertilizer and no chemicals.

Every summer, Donna’s granddaughter Sophia comes up from Hawaii to help care for the peonies by gathering sticks and helping till.

Peonies require a lot of TLC. They need weeding, pruning, fertilizing and even a little loving. Donna will even talk to her plants. Because of her care, Three Little Birds Peonies now grows some of the largest, most vibrant peonies in Alaska.

Normally the peony season would end in June, but because of Alaska’s perfect climate and long summers, the season here can last through August. When open, our peonies are six to eight inches, about the size of your hand. The peonies come in a variety of vibrant colors and styles. Full and big with nice long stems. When stored at 34 degrees our varieties can hold for up to six weeks. We can FedEx our flowers overnight. The peonies are shipped with closed tight buds and flower food.

Three Little Birds Peonies is a proud member of the Alaska Peony Growers Association and the Alaska Farm Bureau.