All shipping costs are paid for by the customer.  We use Fed Ex for overnight shipping.

Disclaimer:  Fed Ex has charges for such as rural delivery and other charges we may not be aware of, therefore we can only estimate based on past experience and cannot guarantee these estimates.

Box Cost (box cost is in addition to shipping fees)

  • Large- 100-150 stems                  $10                                       ***depends on the variety and bud size
  • Medium 50-100 stems                $9
  • Small  30-50 stems                      $8
  • Bridal 20-30 stems                      $8

Shipping estimates

  • 100-125 stems                  $42-$49
  • 20-50 stems                      $24-$28

Every stem is hand cut and graded, they are immediately put in the cooler to chill. Then they are put in bundles of five and are stored for shipment. All orders are hand-packed in a sturdy flower box with soft padding material and gel packs.