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   Three Little Birds Peonies, have some of the most beautiful Peonies. Every year I come to Alaska for the month of July and I always have a fresh bouquet of Peonies sitting on my table with delicate singles to large beautiful doubles. Colors ranging from bright white to a deep burgundy. I always look forward to my trip to Alaska seeing Donna and checking out her Peonies Farm!   

Connie S.

   My boyfriend recently purchased the old Heritage Hotel after his construction business renovated the front and side walls and turned it into Kings Landing Hotel and he looks forward to having Three Little Birds peonies in his lobby all summer long. Thank you so much Donna, he is so excited to get his first bouquet.   

Abe and Kings Landing

   The most beautiful peonies I've ever seen!   

Julia Reynolds Rhea

   Beautiful Flowers!!! Nice Job, Donna!!!   

Robin Jaime